Enjoying the Moment

by Leslie Sann

“No one is a failure who is enjoying life.”
William Feather

It is rainy season in Central Mexico. It arrived about week after I did. Finally the rains have come and the heat begins to subside. The town was relieved.

Saturday my friend and I meander into the Bellas Artes to see the murals. The center courtyard is set up with a stage, instruments and chairs. It seems there will be a concert. We meander around the building looking at the art. We are biding our time so we can hear what kind of music will be played. If we like it, we will stay.

The courtyard begins to fill with people. Children play with each other. Adults of all ages talk amongst themselves. Very few people are looking into their cell phones. The air is fresh and sweet. There is a lot of smiling going on.

My friend and I are now on the second floor looking down on the courtyard. The view from above is lovely. The music begins. It too is lovely. Gentle and soulful. A man is dancing barefoot in the grass, his eyes closed. Children continue to run and laugh and play.

A tall Mexican woman in a flowing dark rich gray caftan, white pants rolled up showing ankle boots, comes onto the stage and begins to sing. Her voice blends beautifully with the instruments.

It begins to drizzle. People stay where they are, enjoying the moment. Drizzle turns into a gentle rain. People begin to cover their heads, put up umbrellas. Others move their chairs under the loggia tucking in out of the wet.

The rain gets stronger and now there are no people on the grass. Chairs and people have moved out of the rain. The musicians are huddled under big umbrellas that had been set up just in case the rain began during the concert.

It begins to pour. Rain is streaming from the sky.

Nobody leaves the premises. The musicians are smiling and talking as is the crowd gathered at the edges. Everyone seems to be appreciating the new moment that has arrived. The happy mood remains as before. Instead of enjoying the music, people are taking pleasure in each other and the blessing of the rain.

We all hang out until the rain abates enough for us to stay relatively dry on our way from here to wherever we are going next. Smiling energy lingers as people begin to exit.

Returning to our home I giggle as I go up to my room on the third floor under my umbrella. This house in Mexico has rooms inside and rooms outside. In order to get to the second and third floor rooms one travels through the outside living spaces.

There is joy in meeting what is … a smile … an acceptance … it is raining. It is the rainy season.

Dancing with what is, moving through the moment with a happy acceptance. So much better than arguing with reality.

It is raining. So what.

Joy is sourced from within. Meeting the moment with acceptance and pleasure.

Love and Blessings,