Empty Next

By Leslie Sann

There is a beautiful tension in all creation between letting go and forming, the pushing and pulling of color and sound and everything imaginable.
 ~ Janet Morgan

A client is about to release her child into the world for the beginning of his journey into adulthood. Concurrently, she is launching herself into the rest of her life as she, too, will be venturing into the next phase with an empty nest.

I was about to email her, and before I pushed send, I reread the message to ensure I hadn’t made any typos or that my auto-correct helper (which isn’t always helpful) didn’t do some mischief to my words. While scanning the document, I saw the words ‘empty next’ instead of ‘empty nest.’

Hmmm … that gets my attention.

Empty next.

I was called to wonder and turn my attention inwardly to see what is revealed.

Empty next … hmmm.

Out of the quiet within, an awareness appears. I saw empty next as another way to describe Participatory Surrender. Surrender, to me, is part of the creative process.

Have I confused you? Do you think surrender is hands above your head giving up? Lots of folks hold that thought. I used to, which is why I resisted the process of surrender for so long. I thought it meant I was saying yes to victimhood (another example of just because I think it doesn’t mean it is true).

I’ve come to learn the opposite is true. Participatory Surrender involves having a vision, taking a step towards that intention, and then giving up to that which is greater. This opens up a willingness for something even better to appear than I might be able to imagine. Taking action without expectations or demands allows space for the next action to appear.

To me, I am giving up to my co-creator, the essential Creative Energy that breathes me, trusting that only that which will serve my highest good will occur.

I take action in a direction I want to go, holding in my heart that this or something equal to, or greater, for the highest good will occur. I empty myself to receive.

Empty nexting allows me to relax and open as I move through my life. A greater sense of ease and possibility appears. There is more space just by taking action and letting go, giving up and paying attention for the next to appear.

Blessings from Planet Joy,