Easter Eggs

by Leslie Sann

Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you.
~ Matthew 7:7

Life is a journey filled with treasures and abundance. The key is choosing where to focus. It’s that simple.

Consider this: According to brain science, searching for something to be grateful for shifts the focus to the positive aspects of life. It turns out choosing to be grateful, even if you not sure about what, will boosts the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, one of the positive side-effects of a gratitude practice. Choosing to look is powerful.

I claim my abundance, my riches, by taking charge of what I focus on. I choose to claim my life as a gift, no matter what a situation looks like.

To discover treasures in life, it is important to acknowledge, appreciate and be grateful. Gratitude for the gifts that are present fosters an awareness of abundance.

As I go through my day, I discover gifts everywhere. Parking spaces in congested neighborhoods, a wren singing from her new home in a tree on our property, wild phlox permeating the air with their sweetness, blue skies, green grass, sunshine, beautiful music on the radio, soft pillows to cuddle up to, a joke to laugh at and share . . .

Life is full of riches. I need only to open my eyes and look, reach out, touch and claim my abundance. Even those things that can be considered a challenge can be transformed into blessings as we choose to focus on that which is the gift. For example, going through a divorce may seem painful and sad at times, and it also can be seen as an inner strengthener and freedom-giver. Losing a job may be the perfect opportunity to clarify intentions and then manifest a more appropriate career. Sickness may change a pattern of overwork and stress to a healthier lifestyle.

I have made finding the gifts a game…in order to live in the joy as I grow and discover. It’s like an Easter egg hunt. The Universe puts out the eggs and if I choose to look, I find them. But let me tell you something I’ve discovered: the eggs/gifts are there whether I look for them or not. It’s mine to choose to look and to find, for the blessings already are.

Saying thank you to everything is a Power Move, for gratitude transforms darkness into light. When I take something I had considered negative and bless it with my gratitude, it is changed into a jewel for my treasure chest.

Living an abundant life is as simple as looking for the Easter eggs while remembering this moment is a precious gift.

Blessings and Joy,