Dancing with Gratitude

By Leslie Sann

Pleasure is not the purpose of man’s existence.
Joy is.
 ~ David O. McKay

Gratitude fosters joy. Joy opens the creative brain, accessing possibility. Possibility moves us to choose. Choice leads to action. Action translates dreams into reality.

Grateful people think differently and are more inventive, resilient, patient, generous, optimistic and kind. They focus more on what IS working rather than what is not, fostering joy because what is uncovered is an experience that is good to live in. In goodness, there is joy. In the joy, there is ease. In ease, there is power. Where there is power, there is an ability to make a positive difference in your life.

Sound yummy?

Email me and I will send you a link where you can download an audio meditation and gratitude journal as my gift to you. You can learn to dance with gratitude and live in joy, creativity and possibility.

Blessings from Planet Joy,