Counting Sheep

by Leslie Sann

Count your blessings instead of sheep.
~ Irving Berlin

I love counting my blessings. Have you ever heard Bing Crosby sing count your blessings instead of sheep? Click here and give yourself a treat: Bing

I share this story in (Chapter 12) in my first book, Life Happens: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?:

A horse farmer hired two lads to muck out his stalls. He told them what to do and sent them out to the barn to begin the work. After a while, he went to check up on them. He found the first one lazing about, leaning against the wall. The farmer asked him what was going on. The lad replied, “It stinks in here!” The farmer replied, “That is irrelevant. Do your job and get to work!”

When he came to the other lad, he found him mucking out the stalls with great enthusiasm. Digging, throwing, digging, and hauling. The farmer asked him what was going on and the lad replied, “With all this crap there must be a pony in here somewhere!”

Same outer reality for each lad, yet each put a different meaning on it.

􏰀 • Which lad would you hire?
􏰀•  Which one would you like to be?

We have an incredible power. We have the power to change the meaning of anything. Change the meaning. Change your life. Make it up and win.

There’s got to be a pony in 2020 someplace. Have you found yours? Are you still looking?

I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered.  Please write. If, however, you haven’t yet made that discovery, please reach out — perhaps a session with me might get you moving in a more blessed direction. Or join me, Monday, January 11 for the next Calm Down Lift Up Together course. Click here for more info: CDLUTo

I wish you well… I wish you goodness… I wish you the awareness to see the blessings that are here and now.

Some of you know the cover of Calm Down Lift Up won an award. Daniel deMoulin, the designer, sent me the following. To me a blessed sharing that I imagine you will enjoy:

“A little bit of serendipity here. I showed my brother Steve the cover of the book because he’s staying at our beach cabin where the photo was taken. He sent back a note saying, “I think I have a photo of you taking the photo.”

Photo is featured above. Daniel is in the bottom left. Blessings to Daniel and his amazing talent.

Blessings and Joy,