Choosing an Attitude of Gratitude

by Leslie Sann

The antidote for lack is gratitude. Gratitude is a choice, an attitude, an approach towards life. My gratitude for this moment does not depend on what is going on in this moment; it is the moment, regardless of what is going on, that I am grateful for. My gratitude for this breath is not about the breath. It’s that I am breathing, that I recognize it comes from a higher source, and that I am alive. Gratitude is a moment-to-moment celebration. ~ John-Roger

When life is full of ease and joy and grace and beauty and glory: Is your mind judging? Are you in a place of compare and despair? Are you arguing with reality?

Methinks not. Methinks you might be appreciating the gifts of your life.

Appreciation focuses us on our gratitude. It takes no great skill to see what is wrong and complain about it, but a person who is able to see what is right, what is beautiful, has a gift to give and to receive.

Many of us have the process backwards in that we wait to see if there is something to be grateful for before we choose to be grateful. What we are doing is waiting to see if life will show up the way we want it, so that we can appreciate life doing it our way.

True gratitude is about embracing life the way it is, taking whatever is in our lives and finding that for which we are grateful. Whatever we focus upon expands. Be grateful for what you have and you will find that it increases.

Are you willing to utilize the transformative power of gratitude, and within a breath or two, change your experience of your life? All it takes is asking some wonder questions of a challenging situation such as:

  • How has this been a blessing?
  • What is right about this, as in, how is this contributing to me?
  • What do I now have that I am grateful for that may not have occurred if I hadn’t had this experience?

I trust you can come up with your own wonder questions.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. You have the choice to harness this force and change your life. My gratitude has transformed my life into one I can look back upon and say, regardless of my circumstances, this has been a good life. It also empowers me to look forward to all that is before me, knowing that my gratitude will support me, shape me and welcome goodness into my life.

What would you say if I told you that gratitude is also a tool that can contribute to magic in your life? When thanking the Universe for bringing you what you are asking for, the Universe figuratively scratches Its head in wonder. Why is s/he thanking me for that? Oh, s/he wants that — well here ya’ go.

Huh? How does that happen?

Well …  the Universe is just like you. Take a moment to wonder who do you prefer to give to: people who appreciate your gifts, or those who find fault with every little detail? The Universe probably thinks as you do … Let’s give to the grateful … and so it does.

Blessings and Joy,