Choose and Then Choose Again

by Leslie Sann

Action translates dreams into reality.
Tony Robbins

All of creation starts with choice. Your life is the sum of all of the choices you have made up until now. That’s how you become the creator of your life. Choosing, acting, producing results.

Questions get you in action. Ask:

  • How can I change this?
  • What choices do I have here?
  • What could I choose that will contribute to me creating the life I would like to experience?

Choice creates awareness. Expand your field of awareness by choosing to create your life, one choice, one action at a time.

Sometimes our choices don’t work out the way that we had imagined they would. No big. Choose again.

Choice moves you into action. Action creates a result. The results will bring you an experience which will gift you with awareness as to what you could choose next.

Action translates dreams into reality.

Take a next step. Just the next step.

Yours from Planet Joy,