Choices Have Choices

by Leslie Sann

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you … we are in charge of our attitudes. ~Charles Swindoll
     I have something for you to ponder. I love pondering, as in mull over, muse about, contemplate, be in wonder. Whenever we make a choice we are actually choosing twice: the actions we take, and our attitude relating to those actions.
     If you have been receiving my newsletters for any amount of time, you know I write about this often. It’s not only the choices and actions we take in our life, but also how we relate to any relationship, situation or circumstance is the experience we get to live in. That relationship can be seen as our attitude. Will we embrace an event as learning, as blessing, as something we can appreciate (even if we would have preferred some other outcome) or will we begrudgingly hold onto resentment, guilt, upset, or disturbance?
     For example, I know someone who doesn’t like her in-laws. No matter what event she is invited to that includes them she rolls her eyes. One day I mentioned to her that some folks don’t have anyone inviting them for the holidays and she might consider gratitude as a choice. Her response, I go, don’t I?, as if she deserved a reward.
     We choose our actions and we also choose how we relate to, put meaning on, define, embrace our choice. This second choice isn’t often as apparent as the first.
     How does this relate to you right now? Turn your attention to listen in on the never ending conversation that goes on. Notice if there is any complaining going on. If so, you may want to choose a different attitude. Choose another way to put meaning on the circumstances that are occurring.
     You may know, one of my favorite attitude adjusters is shifting to gratitude; looking to discover where is the gift in the moment, the blessing that is here and now, leading me to recognize, yet again, that Life is a for me process, if I choose gratitude as my attitude.
     Attitude is a key to a happy life. Attitude is an inside job. If you are less than joyful in the moment, turn your attention within and make an adjustment — an attitude adjustment.
     Yours from Planet Joy,