Lift Up into Possibility


September 2024

on Zoom

 What if you were inadvertently taught how to limit

rather than create your life? 


What if you had the tools to create the change that

you didn’t even know you could ask for?

What would be possible for you

and the world that you haven’t considered yet?


Is now the time for you to discover your capacity to create

beyond what you have known up until now?


There’s tremendous fulfillment for me in assisting someone in breaking through contraction and expanding their sense of what else is possible as they create a life they love. Expansion, freedom, and empowerment come from learning and using the tools I share in my private practice and the Lift Up courses I facilitate.

You get to choose: live by default or by design. You are the force for the creation of everything in your life. If you don’t create the life you want, someone else will do it for you. 

We will delve into what stops you from having the happiness and ease you desire, giving you tools to create a joyful life beyond what you’ve imagined is possible. The content will offer you different perspectives, tools, and techniques to change how you’ve been functioning. Discover greater empowerment with simple steps to end your struggle with life so you can experience more ease and joy.

I have witnessed significant changes in people’s lives. More ease, joy, and lightness of being. Greater health, wealth, and happiness. Enthusiasm in knowing they are a creator of their lives.

This course will open you to receive more so that you can give more; to yourself, everyone around you, and the world. Is now the time to choose to be a creative power in your life and start experiencing more? There is an abundance of choices available to us. What if now is the time you explore the power of choosing you?

This 5-week program is a foundation course for the  Living by Design School programs. My life-long exploration of methods, practices, and tools from consciousness expansion practices that support creating a life of joy contribute to the course’s content.

You may not know you are a wizard
until someone gives you a magic wand
and you discover what you can create.

Consider me that someone and
this class as your magic wand.

Since working with Leslie in my studies of “Calm Down Lift Up”, I now greet each day In wonder and possibility, instead of fear and doubt. How does it get any better than this? I am wondering …Thank You Leslie!

Scott Kellner

A Lift Up student shares how she created more money with less stress:

~ N.R.

Leslie offers an incredible toolbox, enthusiasm, love and a demonstration of what she’s offering. (My memory says she was dealing with publishing her second book when we started.) I’ve been in several groups set up for change, and I don’t know how she does it, but when Leslie leads a group, the whining is at a minimum, and the winning is at a maximum. It’s inspiring and energizing.

Becca Bloomfield

Life is full of possibilities.

What are you choosing?

What if choosing for yourself is choosing for the Highest Good of All
and creates greater for everyone with every choice you make?

What could be possible if when you choose more for yourself
you create more for everyone?

What if self-care is creating a life you love living?

A life of gratitude and joy?

A good life?

If so, what could be possible for you?

Is now the time for you to practice true self-care and
create a life of ease and joy and even greater than that?

Live into possibility beyond what you can imagine.

The class planted seeds of possibility that moved me into action. It is all about action. Thinking about what I want to create isn’t the same as creating. I was able to uncover limiting points of view and shift into seeing more of what is possible. 

Sharing with others was energizing as I was motivated by hearing other people’s visions. It was great to be part of a group and cheer each other on. 

I am now starting a business plan. Something that has been floating around in my head as wish or dream is now in full motion.

Colleen Devenuto

Listen to how much happiness this student is experiencing as compared to just one year ago:

~ L.P.

How wonderful to hear you expand into your joy and help guide us into ours. Something has cleared — some confusion and ‘fear.’ What joy I am experiencing! I feel like the weight of figuring out what I want has dissolved into “this or even more…” I get it! Yes, Thank You!!

Ana H.

You will have the opportunity to clear limitations, distractions, and negativity that have kept you from purposefully creating more of what you want to have and experience.

Your life is a result of your choices, and every choice is a creation. What are you choosing?

Learn to let go of limiting points of view about what it is to be a creative force in your life — about what is possible — about how powerful an influence you are in creating a life you love — a good life — a life you enjoy.

The Lift Up course was helpful in kickstarting me to not only create a vision but to truly explore the experience I choose to have within that vision. This exploration moved me into possibilities I had not seen before. I had such an enjoyable time. The people gathered were warm and genuine. The interaction with them, Leslie, and the material were really good for me.

Lynda Otte

A Lift Up student shares how she created healing in her body using these tools:


~ B.S.

What stands out is that simple (though not always easy) changes to thoughts and behaviors can result in significant positive changes in perspective, self-image, self-value, and well-being. I deeply appreciated Leslie’s class presentation, the intimate and online experience, the breakout sessions, and the opportunities for sharing.

John Hagelberg

Is now the time for you to receive the kind of support that occurs in community? We all benefit from community, creating a spiritual family where we can lift and inspire each other. A conscious community is essential now more than ever. 

People take these courses over and over again. Each time you show up for the class, it’s a different class because you are not who you used to be.

Whether this is your first experience or you have taken the course before, this program will support you in stepping forward into your creative power to be the change you want to see in the world, starting with your life. ​If you don’t know where you want to go, clarifying your vision could be your intention for our time together. You are expanding into vision and possibility, which fuels action, and action translates dreams and goals into reality.


I am thoroughly enjoying this program. I love your positive energy! It’s so refreshing to have an encouraging and optimistic mindset and approach to life instead of all the negativity and gloom and doom that has been programmed into us. Especially during this past year. Onward to something greater!


The course will be tailored to the individuals in the group. 

Reach out if you want more info to discover if this course is a fit for you. 

If you know you want in, sign up below.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the 5 weeks we spent together in the group making visions and speaking them out loud. It helped me settle on what is important to me. Amazingly, just weeks later, one of my most meaningful intentions is making itself real.


 If you are unable to attend the program live,
each class will be recorded so you can catch up.
How does it get any better than that?

Investment in You: $325

September 2024

We meet five times:
Specifics to be announced

7:00 – 8:30 pm* Central time
(8:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm MT, 5:00 pm PT)
Click here for time zone conversion
*We begin on time, and the ending time is approximate.

Limited enrollment.
Due to the nature of the event there are no refunds or transfers.

 Please send an email to Leslie Sann at
if you register with Zelle which will get you enrolled

There is a $10 surcharge for the use of PayPal.

How The Event Will Unfold

The event is interactive. There will be journal writing exercises and small group processes made possible by a feature on Zoom called breakout rooms. The five weeks will unfold organically within a structure and a design that will support you in moving forward. You can still get the information if you miss a class, as the calls are recorded. 

Once you register by sending in your payment, you will receive a welcome email that will include an exercise to get you percolating in preparation for our first meeting. Space is limited as I will be tailoring the experience to who is in the group and in support of what each person is creating.

I start on time. Ending time is approximate. We may go as much as 15 minutes later, depending on the activity of the group. 

Other people sharing their vision reminded me of more things I could add to mine. I find I’m inspired by engaging with the group to keep crafting my vision and taking action towards what I really want.

Lisa Pilney

I am so grateful to myself for working with you because I am not the same person I was. Choosing to wonder is so powerful. I feel less strained, more enthusiastic, less stressed, more ease and spaciousness. I am living more in my essence and being truthful—a great shift.

Maria L.

Core practices

your life


Develop a creative relationship to life. Rather than reacting as a victim, learn to respond and lift up into your creative, spiritual intelligence. Source from peace and engage with wisdom. 


Learn foundational keys to living a good life from the inside out. These ground rules are practices to be incorporated into your daily living. As you become habituated to these core practices, you will find yourself and your life transformed.


Living life to the fullest is a process of learning and discovery. The power of community, coming together in a learning program with other participants, creates a place of support and inspiration. 


Studies show that people who exercise in groups are more likely stay with their workout. The same is true for group learning. If you wish to follow through in becoming the person you want to be and living the life you love, the probability of success goes up dramatically when you commit to change as part of a group.


Let go of struggle, stress and urgency. Discover flow in action. Experience higher levels of productivity with more ease. Live more in peace, loving, caring and sharing. Use everything for your learning, growth and upliftment. Partner with life on life’s terms and win. Go beyond anything you imagined was possible — up until now. Live by design.

Showing up as part of this group helps me not only feel part of a community, but when I say something to someone willing to listen, it makes my vision feel more real. Having someone who is witnessing my dreams, helps me feel like I’m getting closer to my vision.

Beth Nestler

Zoom FAQs

Q: Everyone is doing Zoom these days. What the hey is it?
A: Zoom is a videoconferencing software that works great for online classes. Go here to download the app for any/all of your devices: You are set up for any Zoom experience in the future once you have downloaded the app.

Q: How late can I get on the call?
A: I begin on time. I suggest joining us before the start, as sometimes, not often, getting on can be challenging. And that is up to you. Most people appreciate getting there before we start.

Once we hit class start time, I’m entirely in the class and cannot handle technical glitches. I wish I could do both.

I loved the live calls. I felt connected to the group and engaged. I found over time I began to feel part of something bigger. The group support was terrific.

I don’t feel alone in my desire to change or how I have kept myself stuck. The break-out room exercises and listening to others on the call made me feel connected and inspired. I have put my goals out to the group, and I know there is energetic support.


Senior Flight Attendant, American Airlines

I can’t tell you how much I benefited from and enjoyed this course. For me, it was a very effective teaching/learning tool.

The course was very cost-effective. Perhaps you should increase the price. The time and expense it would have taken for me to learn the material through individual sessions would have been extensive.

There is no question that the material is valuable beyond the price asked.

Sheldon Zeiger

Lawyer. C.F.P., Author

Leslie is a teacher and guide on this journey. In her loving, compassionate and non-judgmental way she teaches effective tools for living.

Russ Schoen

Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, Foresight Inc.

Leslie’s gift is her ability to help others choose happiness, empowerment and success in life. I am so grateful I took this course. I am rapidly becoming the woman I want to be because of what I have learned from Leslie.

Forest Folsom

Managing Director of Marketing, Amateur Volleyball Player