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Participating online is no longer the next
best thing to being there, it IS being there. 

Our world is birthing itself into something next. We can take advantage of the current chaos and use the stirring up to take creative action and design something new. The more we can contribute to our greater well-being, the more useful we can be to serve the greater good as we feel called. Become the future you want to live into

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do and you probably won’t get there.

Do you have a current vision and a plan as we face our present circumstances? Perhaps you might consider joining the Calm Down Lift Up into Joy, Peace and Creativity 5-week workshop beginning Thursday, October 8. It is designed to celebrate the launch of my new book with the intention of serving you in navigating the changes that are happening. (Order softcover or Kindle on Amazon. Or order an autographed softcover copy by clicking here.)

Learning to Calm Down and Lift Up is useful right now.

We all benefit from community; creating spiritual family — a place to go where we can lift and inspire each other. Conscious community is of importance now more than ever. This program will support you in stepping forward into your creative power to be the change you want to see in the world, starting with your own life. If you don’t know where you want to go from here, clarifying your vision could be your intention for our time together.

How truly wonderful to hear you expand into your joy and help guide us into ours. Something has cleared — some confusion and ‘fear’. What Joy I am experiencing! I feel like the weight of figuring out what I want has dissolved into “this or even more…” I get it! Yes, Thank You!!

Ana H.

I am thoroughly enjoying this program. I love your positive energy! It’s so refreshing to have an encouraging and hopeful mindset and approach to life instead of all the negativity and gloom and doom that has been programmed into us. Especially during this in the past year. Onward to something greater!

Kim N.

Now is a fertile time to have inspiring conversations and receive support. Expanding into vision and possibility fuels action. Action translates dreams and goals into reality.

The Calm Down Lift Up Together course was helpful in kickstarting me to not only create a vision, but to truly explore the what and the why behind that vision. This exploration moved me into possibilities I had not seen before. I had such an enjoyable time. The people gathered were warm and genuine. The interaction with them, Leslie, and the material was really good for me.

Lynda Otte

Consider This

You get it — working 1:1 with a mentor is good stuff. You know finding a skilled person who has a track record is worth the investment. You know the value of transformational skilled coaching and at the mo’ you are not wanting to invest at that level. Right now it is not in the budget.

You now have an opportunity to grow yourself into next through the Living by Design School in an accessible, actionably affordable way.

The Living by Design School as a structure to use to grow yourself into the next best version of yourself, while creating a life you love, with expert guidance and support.

I have combined all of my mentoring, counseling, coaching and teaching experience (30+ years) into the Living by Design School.

You can receive more than you can even imagine, such as personalized coaching, learning from your peers, useful, practical, applicable course information, while being part of an engaged community — at a price actionably affordable.

 I like those words — actionably affordable — meaning
you can do this — if you consider YOU worth the investment.

The course will be tailored to the individuals in the group. Reach out if you want more info and to discover if this course is a fit for you. If you know you want in, sign-up below.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the 5 weeks we spent together in the group making visions and speaking them out loud. It helped me settle on what is important to me. Amazingly, just weeks later, one of my most meaningful intentions is making itself real. 


Showing up being a part of this group helps me to not only feel part of a community, but when I say something to someone who is willing to listen, it makes my vision feel more real. Having someone mindfully listen made me feel like I’m getting closer to my vision.

Beth Nestler

Other people sharing their vision reminded me of more things I could add to mine. I find I’m inspired by engaging with the group to keep crafting my vision and taking action towards what I really want.

Lisa Pilney

How The Event Will Unfold

The event is interactive (optional). We’ll spend each session exploring vision, planning and action. The program is designed to support you in clarifying your vision, developing a plan and moving into action. Action is what turns vision into reality.

There will be journal writing exercises and small group processes made possible by a feature on Zoom called breakout rooms. The five-weeks will unfold organically within a structure and a design that will support you in moving forward in your life.

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email which will include an exercise to get you percolating in preparation for our first meeting on Monday, January 11, 2021. Space is limited as I intend to tailor the experience to who is in the group and what each person is working towards.

I start on time. Ending time is approximate with the intention to end approximately 8:30 Central. We may go as much as 15 minutes later, depending on the activity of the group.

Core practices

your life


Develop a creative relationship to life. Rather than reacting as a victim, learn to respond and lift up into your creative, spiritual intelligence. Source from peace and engage with wisdom. 


Learn foundation keys to living a good life, from the inside out. These ground rules are practices to be incorporated into your daily living. As you become habituated to these core practices, you will find yourself and your life transformed.


Living life to the fullest is a process of learning and discovery. The power of community, coming together in a learning program with other participants, creates a place of support and inspiration. 


Studies show that people who exercise in groups more likely stay with their work out. The same is true for group learning. If you really want to follow through in becoming the person you want to be and living the life you love, the probability of success goes up dramatically when you commit to change as part of a group.


Let go of struggle, stress and urgency. Discover flow in action. Experience higher levels of productivity with more ease. Live more in peace, loving, caring and sharing. Use everything for your learning, growth and upliftment. Partner with life on life’s terms and win. Go beyond anything you imagined was possible — up until now. Live by design.

Investment in You: $195

Beginning again TBA

7 – 8:30PM Central time

Limited enrollment

If your bank or credit union is part of Chase you can use Zelle:

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Due to the nature of the event there 
are no refunds or transfers.

Once payment is received, within the next 24 hours, you will receive a link
to register for the seminar and an access code so you can join the Zoom Room.

PLUS everything you need to set up for this event.

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Zoom FAQs

Q: Everyone is doing Zoom these days. What the hey is it?

A: Zoom is a videoconferencing software that works great for online classes. Go here to download the app for any/all of your devices: Once you have downloaded the app you are set up for any Zoom experience you attend on the future.

Q: How early can I get on the call?
A. I will be there 10 minutes early to greet you and answer any questions.

Q: How late can I get on the call?
A: I begin on time. I suggest joining us before start time as sometimes, not often, getting on can be a challenge. And that is up to you. Most people appreciate getting there before we start.

Once we hit class start time I’m fully in the class and cannot handle technical glitches. I wish I could do both. Alas, my mom was correct. She tried to explain to me when I was a little girl that I can’t be in two places at once. I hate it when she is right.

I loved the live calls. I felt connected to the group and engaged. I found over time I began to feel part of something bigger. The group support was terrific.

I don’t feel alone in my desire to change and the ways I have kept myself stuck. The break out room exercises and hearing others on the call really made me feel connected and inspired. I have put my goals out to the group and I know that there is energetic support in that.

Mary Therese Townsend

Senior Flight Attendant, American Airlines

I can’t tell you how much I benefited from and enjoyed this living by design course. For me it was a very effective teaching/learning tool.

The course was very cost effective. Perhaps you should increase the price. It waived me six months of private consultations. The time and expense it would have taken for me to learn the material through individual sessions would have been extensive.

There is no question that the material is valuable beyond the price asked.

Sheldon Zeiger

Lawyer. C.F.P., Author

Leslie is a teacher and guide on this journey. In her loving, compassionate and non-judgmental way she teaches effective tools for living.

Russ Schoen

Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, Foresight Inc.

Leslie’s gift is her ability to help others choose happiness, empowerment and success in life. I am so grateful I took this course. I am rapidly becoming the woman I want to be because of what I have learned from Leslie.

Forest Folsom

Managing Director of Marketing, Amateur Volleyball Player