Calm Down Lift Up

Into Joy, Peace and Creativity

a n   o n l i n e   l e a r n i n g   p r o g r a m

Get Off the Hamster Wheel
Lift UP

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF SOMEONE WHO WANTS MORE PEACE?Now more than ever, with challenging events unfolding around the world, on top of the already TOO much stimulus and daily disturbance. It seems almost imperative to learn to come to peace. Learning to calm down so we can Lift Up into our greater selves. Not only for the planet. For the sake of our own well-being and happiness


Get off the hamster wheel. Come back to the stillness within. Even in the midst of chaos, to be effective, you must slow down and quiet. Peace is powerful.


Staying calm is a deep human desire. We long to be at peace with our circumstances. Yet life agitates and disturbs. Learning how to calm down and stay calm longer is an essential life skill. 


Most of us have a tendency to grunt and complain about life doing what it does. Arguing with our circumstances only makes things worse. Learning how to come present, calm and engage from relaxed action, connects us to our creative capacity to do something back. Not wishing to walk on muddy roads the Romans created pavement.


If you are wound up like a top, crunchy and driven, there is no space for creativity, wonder or joy. 

If you are spinning, spinning, spinning, constantly moved by outside forces there is no quiet to hear your inner wisdom guide you. You live as a victim to stress and life is quite frankly miserable. And when you are miserable there is no joy, abundance or generosity to give into our world.

You probably aren’t much fun to be with either.


A peaceful life isn’t one that is perfectly tranquil. Of course not. Life happens and life happening can be disturbing. We can get upset. A peaceful life is one where we are committed to Calming Down and Lifting Up into our more resilient, resourceful and generous selves. In this place we are more able to navigate the choppy waters of our lives.


Move through stress into calm and access your power so you can create a life you love, one moment at a time.

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Here are the specifics …

My intention is for your experience to be user friendly, easy and useful. The course is delivered through an online platform.

The program will be available to access via your computer. It is also mobile friendly. Use the program anyway you want. You may go through all 10 lessons, and the accompanying booklet all at once. You can do one lesson a week and practice the tools suggested in the workbook. It’s all up to you. Do what serves you best. You can download the files so the program is yours to keep and to use again, as you wish.

The Program

  • 10 audio lessons
  • 7 video lessons
  • 4 guided meditations designed to support you in coming to peace, calming down and lifting up.
  • A 52 page pdf workbook containing adjunct material for every lesson.
  • Subscription to Living by Design Tips eZine delivered every other week.
  • Plus additional bonuses to enhance your learning.

Your Investment:

Rather than refuse the information I want you to use it. Therefore, your investment of $98 (which as I design this course seems quite low) includes all of the above PLUS any updates that may come out in the future.

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What they are sayin’

It’s amazing how a simple, conscious reminder to step back from the drama and breathe into calm can open me up to perspective and possibilities. Thanks, Leslie, for helping me put yet another amazing tool in my toolbox of self-care and living a life I choose.
Lynda Otte

CEO, LMO Solutions

I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve listened to it in my car and when I have down time I have enjoyed the book. FYI: The breathing exercises are a huge help!
Becky Powell

Pension Administrator, Capstone Financial

I love that the lessons are short, powerful and practical.
Kim Rager

Founder, Breath Rising

I keep calming myself by reminding myself this will unfold when it does and I will know what to do. I find myself living in the knowing that all is unfolding as it should. What a relief!
Lisa Pilney

Director Human Resources, ITW