By Your Design

by Leslie Sann

We are all in this alone together.
~ David Allen

23andMe is a company best known for providing a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service. It is based on the foundation that all of us are linked by a shared thread — DNA.  Genetically we are 99.5% the same.

We have been conditioned to believe we are our bodies, race, personalities, roles, opinions, genders, sexual orientation, circumstances and more. We focus upon the ½% where we are different. We have not yet awakened to the reality that we are, at essence, the same.

Teilhard de Chardin says it this way, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Each one of us.

Where we place our attention is where we go. What we focus upon we move towards. I encourage you to pay attention to where you are paying your attention. What are you looking at? The ½% difference amongst us? Or the essence of us that is the same? Where “I” becomes “We”.

These times are challenging us. We are all in this alone, together. How will you respond? How will I? Will we choose to cooperate, collaborate and co-create something better?

Ghandi suggested being the change we want to see in the world. What is it you want to see instead of what we have? Do you have a positive vision for yourself and for the world we live in? Have you taken the time to consider what can be created from our current circumstances?

We are brilliant at creating. As human beings we are always creating something. Creativity is our nature. Creators bring new conditions into being. What you want doesn’t exist yet, not until you choose to create it — by design.

Begin where you are. Write down what you want for yourself and for our world. If you are not sure, write down what you don’t want. Sometimes you need to back into what you want by reminding yourself what you don’t want. Using this method what you want will start to become clear.

As you write what you don’t want, you will begin to see what you do want. If you don’t gain clarity right away, don’t worry; what matters is action.

Participation is key. Sitting around in a state of “I don’t know” doesn’t work. Start with SOMETHING. Move towards that. What you want will become more clear.

More to come … stay tuned.

Blessings and Joy,