Building Immunity

by Leslie Sann

Optimal functioning of the immune system, it turns out, is dependent upon feeling good.
~ Marcey Shapiro

In Chinese medicine they believe in building up your chi (life force energy) so that it is stronger and more resilient than is the disease. This approach is to strengthen the immunity of the body so that it can deal with the conditions and prevail.

The situation which we find ourselves in alerts us to the opportunity to build our immunity so that we have a resilience and capacity to overcome and recover. Quickly coming back into balance when we go out of ease (dis-ease).

Washing our hands and keeping social distance is useful. I’ve include a worthwhile video below presenting clear information about self-care. This is important for us to learn right now. So is taking self-supportive action, on all levels, so that we are strong in the face of Life Happening.

We are all facing the uncertainty of the unknown. Uncertainty and unknown are always present. Up until now we’ve had a false sense of control over our circumstances. This is a universal wake-up call to the reality that we are not in charge. Yet, we can make choices and take actions. We can participate.

Life is a journey to death. None of us will get out of this alive. How we live through the conditions of our life IS in our control. Are we going to worry, fret and cry? Or are we going to meet our situation with creativity, wonder, smiles and humor?

Of course none of us is all one way or the other. Life isn’t black or white. We fall down into negativity and we get up again. The goal is to fall down less often and stay up longer. Never falling down is not an option.

Whenever something happens we fall into reactive, survival pattens. This is where we go when we realize, yet again, we are not in control. I call it our “thing”. Hoarding, anxiety, worry, sullenness, withdrawal, despair, indignation, blaming, righteousness . . .

What’s your thing?

And are you letting your “thing” run the show?

We all react to changing circumstances. Change is upsetting. It is designed to disturb us. What we do next matters most. We can stay in the disturbance, our “thing.” Or we can calm down and then shift UP. We can move into acceptance.

Acceptance is powerful. Accepting WHAT IS calms us and brings us to peace. Including accepting that we may not like what is going on, we may feel scared, even terrified. You can learn to hold all of that in the arms of acceptance.

Acceptance builds our immunity to disturbance. Acceptance helps us stand back Up one more time after falling down. Acceptance is good medicine for the body, mind and emotions.

Whatever you are experiencing is okay. The waters are choppy. The boat is rocking more than you prefer.

And that is okay.

Perhaps you could put up a sail and work the rudder and navigate to a place within that is at peace. We can choose peace. We quiet the Crazy Brain that runs on fear and choose to lift into peace. From here we can ask the power question, “Now what?”

Creativity is thwarted by arguing with our conditions. Coming into acceptance allows us to be creative with what is occurring now. Ghandi is quoted as saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Wise counsel suggesting that what we do matters. Where we place our focus matters. We can make a positive contribution to the change we are all growing through.

Feeling low, anxious, depressed? Crazy Brain on a rampage? Get out of your own way and focus on someone else. Choose to be kind. Challenge yourself to serve when you are lost in your own thinking. It could be as simple as making a cup of tea for someone, sending a kindhearted text, or Zooming a smile of welcome.

Even if all you do is bring yourself to peace over and over again, you will be helping yourself. Making yourself stronger than the virus of fear. You will also be contributing to all of us by (instead of sharing your “thing”) sharing your peaceful presence. Peace is powerful. Being peace helps calm others.

We can all use a good dose of calm.

Especially right now.

If your “thing” has you and you are having trouble calming down I am offering what I’m calling “Quarantine Coaching.” Sometimes just one conversation can make a big difference. Don’t suffer longer than necessary. Reach out.

Take care of you.

Blessings, Joy and Love,