BreathWork with Leslie

Stay calm longer


We are creative beings, and if you aren’t creating what you want in your life, there is a good chance you are channeling your energy in negative ways.

This transformative BreathWork, in partnership with coaching, has been assisting my clients in breaking through blocks and breathing through barriers, enabling them to do things they couldn’t do before.

All the action and pushing, and desire to make things happen will not come to fruition if you’re uptight, stressed and disconnected from yourself. Learning to breathe, learning to calm down and living from relaxed awareness will serve you in the creation of what you really want.

When you are stuck in life, energy is most likely stuck in your body. BreathWork can get your energy unstuck and moving so you can take action and participate in things that matter to you most. Even a half-hour session enhances “divergent thinking”; this is associated with creativity, finding alternative solutions to a problem, original thinking, and generating new ideas.


The world is designed to upset us. Something is invariably happening that wasn’t on our to-do lists — or our daily planner. Now what?

You can learn to choose peace in the midst of chaos.

BreathWork is a transformational tool that allows you to experience a calming presence available to you at all times. It is not a one-time fix. It is a process that evolves. You have to train yourself, and rewire your brain so you develop a pathway to inner peace. It takes reps. However, one session could radically change your life at the core.

BreathWork, together with coaching, is profoundly transformational. You will learn life skills that will empower you in navigating the choppy waters we all inevitably confront from a place of calm creativity and easeful productivity.

The kind of coaching you do is forever. This is real transformation. There is no going back to how I was. It is sustainable, more beneficial in the long run as well as in the short-term.

It is so freeing to be liberated from the need to know what is next. All I need is to be present here and now. From here, I’ll know what to do next. BreathWork brought me to peace. I can feel what peace feels like in my body, at the cellular level. Knowing it is there and available and it exists is different than reading about it. I can still feel today the peace I felt in those sessions, months later — it is a lasting effect. It is not just a one and done. (Video conference session.)

Sherry Welsh

Founder, Sherry Welsh Coaching

In this video you will learn about the results of the BreathWork I’ve been using with my clients in person, by way of Skype, Zoom or via telephone.


It seems counterintuitive to slow down to do more and this is indeed what occurs. Yet, gifting yourself with a moment to pause and reset leads to greater ease, productivity and enhanced well-being.

Everyone who does BreathWork has different experiences. The benefits you’ll receive will be unique to you and you will likely:

  Find yourself deeply relaxed and at peace

✦   Be energized and motivated to take action on the things that are meaningful to you

✦   Open to a deeper connection to your life’s purpose and your gifts

✦   Leave with a calm clarity and shift in perspective so you can engage in your life in new and more effective ways

These results are important to me because I support people living a joyful life by learning how to live by design rather than by default, assisting them in being their best selves, making choices and taking actions to create what they really want. I found using BreathWork within a coaching context to be a powerful way to facilitate insight, learning and permanent change.

You have been a true blessing to me in every possible way. When I think of what you provided for me when we lost Toby, I am moved beyond words. I know I was able to “grow” through that time because of the space and wisdom you provided to me.

In addition to that, I broke through my resistance to being a spiritual being in my work with you. The breathwork we did changed me in indescribable ways. I experienced being a part of the whole; I felt the connection to the “all of it” in a way that gives me goose bumps when I presence it.

I am clear that without your coaching and wisdom I would not have been ready for the work I am doing now. Living inside-out would not be possible without the work you and I did together. I could go on and on but suffice it to say I am forever grateful. (Video conference session.)

Lisa Giruzzi

Founder, Transformational Conversations


I’ve been assisting people to heal, learn and grow for more than 35 years through 1-1 coaching, counseling, group work and consulting. Because of the expedient, powerful and lasting results, I have incorporated BreathWork into into my coaching practice, to be used as it serves the client. This breathwork is powerful and can exponentially move you into action in creating a life of joy and fulfillment.

One client told me that after his session he was energized and inspired. This was great news, as he had been blocked creatively, which is why he came for a session. Later he told me after the session he couldn’t stop writing his manuscript.

We worked on energizing me to complete the novel I am writing. At first there was a lot of energy moving – and I was feeling vitalized. At the end of the session I was so happy and calm. I had a vision of my son so proud of his papa having seen the completion of my book. I can’t wait to get started on the action plan Leslie and I created! (Phone session.)

Scott F.

The BreathWork session was absolutely amazing. I have not relaxed that deeply and my mind has not been quiet and open in that way in a very long time. After the session, I continued to relax and breathe into what is true in my world and what I want and desire. I felt remarkably calm yet energized. I loved it! (Phone session.)

Lynda Otte

LMO Solutions


Another client left the session and spent the afternoon taking photographs, a creative joy of his, lost in the delight of his art. Yet another found she was inspired to take action on finding a new job, in an area she has been griping about for a while and not doing anything about it.

Thanks again for the fantastic breathing session. The clarity from that gave me the “push” I needed to get off my butt to find a new job.

Karen Nessler


Clients have reported clearing long-emotions, physical ailments, even trauma leading to greater levels of well-being, ease and relaxation.

A gift to be celebrated … the pain in my hip has subsided to the point of non-existent. Two weeks later the pain is still gone. After years of intervention through various medical strategies I am virtually pain free. The Breath brought me that healing!

Bev Brown

Retired Nuclear Cardiology Manager


Some of my other clients have reported the BreathWork cleared up long standing relationship issues. One man reports, “The breathing was instrumental in my choosing honesty in a difficult conversation.”

I am experiencing so much ease. I am actually able to get to a place of peace. I feel joy! I feel happy! It’s amazing! I also notice my shift is impacting my kids. Now that I have shifted they are in a better place. (Phone session.)

Ambreen Kincaid

Ordinary people creating extraordinary results, transforming their lives, one breath at a time. The power of the breath awakens you not only to greater physical health but spiritual wholeness as well.

If you see the possibility of getting unstuck and into positive creative action in this powerful, expedient way, I encourage you to give this a try. It is easy to experience coaching with breathwork. I have created a special program: BreathWork Offer.