Breathe into Peace

You can change your life with your breath

Get Out of Your Head
Your Life

Open to your true intelligence and find inspired solutions to your problems. Open to wisdom and insight for guidance. Resource creative thinking in order to resolve anything from annoying stress to big issues.

Supercharge your effectiveness. Get off the hamster wheel. Come back to the stillness within. Even in the midst of chaos, to be effective, you must slow down and quiet.

It seems counterintuitive to slow down to do more and this is indeed what occurs. Giving yourself a moment to pause and reset leads to greater ease, productivity and enhanced well-being.

Replenish your strength, your abilities, your intelligence.

Let go of struggle, stress and urgency. Discover flow in action. Experience higher levels of productivity with more ease. 

Positive shifts occur right away. Over time, with consistent practice, you will create core changes that will serve you in all areas of your life.

You Are More Than Your Body, Mind and Emotions

Nowadays, almost all of us wish we could be calmer. The desire to be more tranquil and focused is becoming an urgent priority. Most of us long to be more patient and at ease. Yet we know little about how to calm ourselves and be at peace.

The breath will take you beyond the body, through the emotions and further than the mind can imagine, to a place of peaceful  presence. You will discover who you truly are. You will find more power than you’ve ever realized. When you are in touch with this power there is:

•  A sense of well-being, calm and ease
•  Enhance clarity and focus
•  Doing is the same but the effort is not
•  Pushing, driving and stress dissolve
•  Resulting in relaxed action, receptive doing, ease of movement, graceful productivity

Breathwork is a powerful, expedient, transformative practice that leads you here. Consistent practice will change the neural pathways in your brain so that it relaxes open, allowing inspiration, creativity and wisdom to reveal themselves effortlessly. When you learn to calm yourself down you lift up in to your most powerful and creative self.

As a way to get you started on a journey of transformation through the breath I have created a special program ready to be designed for YOU.

Reset, Restore, Rejuvenate

Ready to Change Your Life?

Then SAY YES to this easy way to get started and discover how breathwork and coaching may serve you:


Uncovering where you want to grow in personal power, what is in the way of you getting there and clarifying your intention for the work. Includes BreathWork.


90 minutes of life–changing conversation and breathwork scheduled every other week.


Designed to support your at home practice.

Reach out.

It is easy to get started. 

Change Your Life with a Breath

The breath is the most reliable and useful tool of transformation available to us. Breathing into peace has been a life enhancing practice for thousands of years.

Action to make things happen will not come to satisfactory fruition if you’re uptight, stressed and disconnected from yourself. Get your energy flowing so you can joyfully participate with things that have meaning and purpose for you.

Simple shifts can change the way you meet your circumstances. You will be able to see possibility in problems and design action to turn vision into reality.

Access your best ideas, your most creative thinking. Set yourself up to do your highest quality work and make the contribution you are here to make.

The BreathWork calmed me and allowed me to listen to something other than my mind was telling me. During the session I just let go of control and trusted all would be well. And it was.

In the aftermath my actions have become more intuitive than conscious. This is huge as I have been, up until now, a very left brain dominant person. I came out of the session more trusting of my inner guidance.

I am noticing my choices are often coming from a place deeper than thought. I find if I listen and trust myself I will know what to do. This is all after just one BreathWork session. It’s really quite remarkable.

Lynda Otte

CEO, LMO Solutions

I got so much more out of the whole experience than I ever could have imagined. While doing the BreathWork I released barriers that may have been preventing me from access to that authentic power for years, or perhaps a lifetime. And, in just the few days since, I have already used my new awareness and authenticity in some client conversations to great success, for both me AND my clients!

Andrea Sholer

Speaker, Writer, Coach, Andrea Sholer Coaching

I’ve read, talked about, done yoga, sound therapy, all of that and this is the only time I have ever really experienced a real understanding that we are energetic beings … it is not about the intellectualized human form with all its limitation … instead I am so much more than that! This is where I want to live and work from, sourced from this deeper wisdom and true creative power.

Aileen Gibbs

Speaker, Writer, Coach, Aileen Gibbs Inspires

Since our last session I feel less reactive and I attribute it to the BreathWork. I don’t think I’m trying to do something different, I just don’t feel the way I did before. For me I am experiencing the difference between a mental understanding and a genuine shift. I can understand all day long and still nothing changes. The BreathWork facilitated a shift that went beyond thought and now I’m showing up differently; kinder, and more true to myself.

Russ Schoen

Creativity Consultant, FourSight, LLC

I realize I have more personal power and range of expression than I had been aware of. The BreathWork was an incredibly powerful tool that released stuck energy and brought forward insights that were life changing. I now feel an internal sense of self and energy that I don’t know I have ever been aware of.

Susan Wilke-Poole

I’m finding the breath in the context of your coaching is effective in calming my monkey brain. When I make the choice to breathe I can breathe myself bigger than the mind chatter. The BreathWork seems so simple but it is not , it is profound. I find myself more in touch with my wisdom.

Michelle H.

Massage Therapist