BreathWork in the Country

Sunday, August 25, 2019

11:00AM — 2:00PM

ReTreat into Peace and Presence

Breathe into Peaceful Presence


Calm down and Lift UP into more ease, peace and relaxation.


Get off the hamster wheel. Come back to the stillness within. Take time for just you to slow down and quiet. Give yourself a digital sabbatical.


Allowing yourself a moment to pause and reset leads to greater ease, productivity and enhanced well-being.


Less stress => more joy and peace of mind.


Let go of struggle, stress and urgency. A group BreathWork session is included in the afternoon.

We Gather One Afternoon a Season

Nowadays, almost all of us wish we could be calmer. The desire to be more tranquil and focused is becoming an urgent priority.  Most of us long to be more patient and at ease. Yet we know little about how to calm ourselves and be at peace. Join me in the country (near Geneva, IL) where we will spend the afternoon calming down and lifting up into joy, quiet and peace. Breathing into peace has been a life enhancing practice for thousands of years. Consistent practice will change the neural pathways in your brain so you can more easily calm down and stay calm, allowing you to move in life with greater ease.

SAY YES to this:


  • Get away from the usual and take some respite.
  • An afternoon once a month take time for just you.
  • Allow the breath to restore and replenish you.
  • Enjoy the scenic country, natural beauty and a relaxed environment.
  • Small group — maximum 12.


  • Three hours of creative play and exploration of peace and presence with BreathWork in the middle.
  • Discover that peace is always present.
  • Learn how you can come home to peace more quickly and stay calm for longer duration.

Investment in You:


August 25, 2019
11AM — 2PM

Space is limited to 12.
Early sign-up recommended.
Event fills. Payment guarantees your place.

Due to the nature of the event there
are no refunds or transfers.

Checks or cash are welcome.
If your bank or credit union is part of their network you can use Zelle:



Drive (scenic route available upon request) or take the Metra.
Someone will pick you up and drop you off at the station.

Next Event: TBA

11am — 2pm


Thank you for a wonderful day. It was just what I needed and I’m glad I came. The group of woman gathered was just perfect and your teaching was superb. I could see you were enjoying yourself and truly in your gifts. Thank you for doing all the work of developing your programs, workshops, books, newsletter, FaceBook, classes etc. and sharing them with us. I appreciate the growth I have experienced since meeting and working with you. What I love about the Breathing in the Country—listening to what Spirit has given you to share that day as well as joining others sharing our goofs as well as our triumphs. I appreciate being held in your sacred  space (symbolically and physically). Thank you for sharing your wisdom, honesty and struggles in your own journey. It is priceless. You have helped me in so many ways—I don’t think I even realize the depth yet. I look forward to more to come. (Growing into next).

Kim Rager

Owner, Breath Rising

These retreats with the BreathWork benefits the mind, body, and soul in so many ways. I feel the more often I do it the more beneficial it is and the less work it is. Therefore to me it becomes “Beneficial or Healing Breath” not “BreathWork”! An additional gift to be celebrated … the pain in my hip has subsided to the point of non-existent. The Breath brought me that healing!

Bev Brown

Retired Nuclear Cardiology Manager

Thank you for helping me (us all) ‘calm down and lift up’.  Bravo for creating that concept — I love the expression because it so aptly describes your mission. This was a great experience of learned and relearned principles. I loved the breathing, the openness of the group, the expanded awareness of presence. Thank you for ALL the energy you expended to make the event expansive, insightful, and uplifting.
Michelle H.

Massage Therapist

I love the lovely people who are gathering in the country!! The whole experience is expansive and uplifting… I’m left with a beautiful feeling!! Thank you for shepherding!!!!

Therese Townsend

Senior Flight Attendant, American Airlines

The BreathWork session was absolutely amazing. I have not relaxed that deeply and my mind has not been quiet and open in that way in a very long time. After the session, I continued to relax and breathe into what is true in my world and what I want and desire. I felt remarkably calm yet energized. I loved it!

Lynda Otte

LMO Consulting

I left the event feeling very “high” or a happy drunk feeling. On the ride home “high’ gradually faded, but the feeling of well-being continued throughout the evening. Feeling free and uncluttered in my mind and body I was able to go to sleep with no difficulty and had a great nights sleep. The next day I felt cleared out in my mind and have been able to stay focused on the things and people that matter now to me, instead of dwelling on the past. Two weeks later I am still clear and open. I feel better appreciating all of my blessings and “being” in the now and making the best of everyday. I really enjoyed the experience and I thank you for making it happen. It was fascinating the way breathing can affect a person. Thank you so much!

Carol Ann Loman

Nurse Practitioner