Blessings as Bubbles

by Leslie Sann

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.
~ C.S. Lewis

I recently was at a festival. As I was walking down the street I found myself surrounded by bubbles. At the front door of a restaurant was a machine blowing non-stop bubbles. I love bubbles. They are fun to catch. Once I have a bubble in the palm of my hand I can blow it back into the wind.

In that moment I imagined Life as a bubble machine, continuously blowing bubbles for us to capture. I saw the bubbles as blessings, present for all to partake. They go where they go. And those who choose to receive put out their hands to receive.

Life has no attachment to anyone saying yes. Just like the mighty sun who is too busy working on shining that there is no noticing if the bountiful rays are being received or by whom. What matters is the giving — and for us, the receiving.

Are you partaking of the blessings?
They are blowing your way.
Reach out and receive.