Be Peace

by Leslie Sann

Peace is present.
Peace is a choice, available regardless of any conditions.
Peace is an inner process.
Peace is the cessation of againstness.

~ John-Roger, founder of The Institute of Individual and World Peace

I’m wondering if you are willing to consider that you have been chosen to be an everyday ordinary peacemaker. Yes, you. And you, and you, and you, and me.

Peace is a vital force that can facilitate change for the good. One has to only look at Ghandi’s life and know that his compassion for humanity stirred him to take actions that changed the world. He was the one who famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Perhaps now is the time we finally choose peace. How do we do that you may ask. By doing our best not to get reactive or polarized, righteous or indignant, blaming or shaming, or whatever your version of upset is. Instead we sincerely ask, Let there be peace and let it begin with me.

Consider this. Our vibrations matter. We pick up energy from one another. If you are upset, for example, I will sense that. If you are joyful, I will be lifted. If you are peace, I will calm.

If each one of us as everyday ordinary peacemakers generated the vibration of peace, perhaps we could contribute in a greater way. Distance is irrelevant. At essence we are all connected. That is why it is so upsetting to witness what is going on — for we have been invited to generate loving care for one another, not to do harm.

Be peace.

I do my best to be an everyday ordinary peacemaker. This is not a trivial pursuit, for that means I am committed to quieting any and all disturbance within my consciousness. Living on Planet Earth, that is a full-time practice.

Here is something that you could do. Imagine the Ukraine area is a colicky baby, extremely disturbed. Now hold that fussy baby to your chest allowing the rise and fall of your breath to bring comfort to the upset infant. If you ever have done that with a child you know you stay in your calm for as long as it takes for the baby to come to quiet.

What if that is something we all could do? To be peace and allow our calm presence to make a contribution to that which is disturbed. Maybe that is our assignment. We can be peace and offer that expression as a resonance into our world. Perhaps those who are engaged in the midst of the disturbance will experience our energy as support and find the ability and the courage to keep on.

The more of us who choose peace the more peace there will be on the planet. We can make a difference.

Each one of us. Your peace matters.

And when we forget, we forgive ourselves and choose again.

Be peace.

May peace prevail.

Please consider reading my book Calm Down Lift Up into Joy, Peace and Creativity. You may find it useful support in choosing to be an everyday ordinary peacemaker.

Blessings to us all,

Here and now is your opportunity to be in peace — first with yourself and then, by sharing it, with others. I join you in claiming our spiritual heritage of peace and loving.
~ John-Roger, founder of The Institute of Individual and World Peace