Asking is Magic

by Leslie Sann

It’s in the subtly of life where magic exists. ~Dain Heer

The image above is the consequence, to my beautiful finger, of a silly human trick delivered by moi.

I was trying out a new mandolin that I had just gifted myself. A mandolin is a kitchen utensil used for slicing vegetables. Not only did I slice the zucchini, I cut my finger. Yowie — that’s a sharp blade. And — then — I — realized — that — it — wasn’t — merely — a — cut. The sensation through my finger was the same as I had experienced slicing through the squash. Yowie Zowie times a lot!

Noticing the amount of blood pouring out of my finger, I wrapped it in paper towels. This was an attempt to stop the blood flow and gave me a moment to distract myself from what I now realized had happened.

Well, the towels weren’t doing a great job. The blood was quickly soaking through. I could not determine what actually had happened to the finger as there was too much blood. Might it be wise to take my injured finger to the emergency room?

Considering the amount of blood and how quickly it was flowing from my finger, I chose the hospital. Aware that emergency room waits can be longer than I would prefer, I cued up the audiobook I was listening to. I also brought a paperback book in case the internet signal was poor.

Arriving at the hospital I saw a full waiting room. Grateful I had brought reading material I approached the desk.

The woman who welcomed me immediately took me into the triage room, escorted by a second nurse, to sign me into the system. Between the two of them they weighed me (with all my clothes, coat and boots on) took my blood pressure, my temperature, measured my oxygen levels, asked me the required questions, and bandaged the finger so as to alleviate the blood flow. All the while I am asking them questions: How bad is it? How long will the wait be? What’s the process here?  Doing my best to get a sense of what might unfold.

That’s when I found out there were 13 people in front of me. Those folks in addition to however many ambulances arrived with people in greater need than me. The wait could be as long as 3½ hours , perhaps longer. Again I chose gratitude for having brought reading material. Gratitude opened me to a spacious welcome of whatever was unfolding, a space of allowance.

I then began to declare to myself that all of getting cared for was coming to me with ease. Choosing ease is a powerful request. Patience, kindness, gratitude all contribute to ease.

I also was asking inwardly what else is possible beyond the normal flow of events. Outwardly I was appreciating the two women who were truly caring for me with their skill and kindness.

The head of the department, Fran, walked into the room. We made eye contact and smiled at one another. She decided to take me into a treatment room right away. I’m not kidding. Moments after I asked for ease and possibility, the course of events shifted and I was taken to have my wound not only addressed but dressed.

The bed they put me on was surprisingly comfortable. It had soft padding and was positioned so I was supported to rest and receive. Fran invited me to imagine I was in the spa having a treatment.

I asked her to be straight with me, to tell me what she saw and what was possible. She unwrapped the previous dressing and looked at the finger. She said it looked like I sliced a little bit of it off. In the scheme of slicing fingers, a minor event. She added it will probably heal such as I will be the only one to notice any disfigurement if there is any.

FYI: they told me when they admitted me that at least once a week someone comes in with a finger injury due to a mandolin. (Remember the mandolin? Not the musical instrument. The instrument used to slice vegetables and on occasion tips of fingers. The one I had just gifted myself. Oy, such a gift!)

Yet, the experience I was having turned out to be a gift. Yes, something happened, and in the realm of Life Happening this was indeed unfolding with ease, grace and kindness. Door to door, from leaving my home to returning bandaged and grateful took a total of about 90 minutes.

I am now curious about what else is possible that, if I allow for the possibility, will create something even greater? I am also wondering what other gifts and blessings will be revealed as I journey forward in this healing?

I love this. I love the joy of discovery. I loved meeting the three women who cared for me at the hospital. I love that I got moved to the front of the line as a response to an internal request for greater. Truly, how does it get any better than this?

I am open to discovering even greater.

This is the magic I am playing with in my life these days. This is what I facilitate in my courses. This is what I show my clients is available to them to choose.

This is the miracle we all are if we choose to play in the field of possibility.