Are You Designing Your Life?

by Leslie Sann

“Rather than default, live by design.”

We are entering the third week of the Calm Down Lift Up Together program. We are working on our visions by defining the future we are choosing to grow into.

I’m gratified by the experience that I’ll be offering another round beginning September 17. If August didn’t work for you this is another chance for you to get into the sandbox and play. Go to this page and find out all about it: Calm Down Lift Up Together.

Being on purpose with our vision and defining actions to support where we want to go is an essential process of living a joyful life. Visioning is a power tool that moves us from victim to ownership. Vision inspires us to action. Action turns dreams into reality.

You don’t have to join the class to take advantage of the process. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will be gifted with an ebook, Creating a Life you Want. If you are already a subscriber and you don’t remember where you put it write to me and I’ll get you a copy

There is Constantly Bad News, CBN, broadcast throughout the day. It takes commitment to hold a positive vision through the circumstances we are going through. Something that may help is to watch less news.

Or forget about the news all together and go out make your own news. What good things are happening to you, through you, and in the world around you? What about your friends and family?

I’ve been asking people what’s the blessing of corona in your life? I’ve heard the following…

  • the connection with my family has deepened
  • I had the best day of my life with my son when I picked him up at college
  • slowing down has me realize I want to do different work
  • I have been more devoted to my spiritual practice
  • I realize I don’t need as many things or distractions in my life
  • I’ve started to paint
  • I’m learning how to do things I’ve been meaning to learn but never had time
  • I have had the time to go paperless in my office

And there is more. Ask your friends, neighbors, grocery store clerks, whoever. Make your own list. It might inspire you.

What if you changed your mind and changed your focus from bad things happening to good things happening? You might discover that life is fine. That you are fine. And because you are aware that you are all right, you can be a resource to others who may not be having the same experience.

If nothing else, you could be a place of peace. A place of calm and comfort. You don’t have to do anything to contribute to goodness. Be the goodness that you are. Love the goodness that’s in your life and you will make a positive difference to this world. (We can all use a big dose of positive right now.) Hold a vision of good things happening.

You don’t have to believe me. Experiment with what I’m saying and discover for yourself what’s true.

Your life is your design. You get to live in the consequences of your choices.

I wish you well. I wish you love. I wish you peace. I wish you joy.

Blessings and Joy,