Already Free

By Leslie Sann

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

~ John-Roger

I am in the kitchen making breakfast. I notice a part of me getting grumpy about the attention required to maintain my weight. (I am a petite woman at 5’2”.) I listen to this grumpy part that wants to eat something I generally don’t. It is arguing with my limitations, insisting I should be able to eat anything and everything I want. It tells me true freedom is the ability to do whatever I want and not experience the consequences of my actions.

I lovingly explain to this part that life on planet Earth includes limitations. Take gravity, for example. Throw a ball up, and it comes down. I have never heard anyone arguing with the fact of gravity. Instead, we have figured out how to use it to work for us. Think baseball, football, soccer, skiing and — well — everything. Arguing with the limitation of my size and what is required to stay slim is as silly as being upset about gravity.

When I consider the thought that I should be able to eat whatever I want, I realize how out of touch with reality that thinking is. How could we live together if we all did whatever we wanted with the expectation there would be no consequences? Even if there were no consequences to ourselves, there probably would be consequences to others.

Then I ask myself, “What if I already have what I am looking for now?” This part is looking for freedom. I realize the truth is I am already free. In every moment, I am free to make a choice and to experience the consequences of that choice.

I subtly adjust my focus and see this truth. What is the experience of freedom, but the freedom to choose and to choose yet again?

Being fully alive is exercising our freedom of choice. In that freedom, there is joy. The joy of awareness of choice. The joy of choosing. The joy of learning and discovering through the outcome of our choices.

The freedom to choose.

Already I am free.