A Story of Grace

by Leslie Sann

Grace is ever present. All that is necessary is that you surrender to it.
~ Ramana Maharshi

It had been dry here in the Midwest of the United States for quite some time. The trees thirsty, the soil hard and cracked.

I had my hammock up using the dry spell as a reprieve from putting it up and taking it down. The weather report had predicted no rain for seven more days. Two days into the seven I get a niggle right before tucking in to check the weather forecast. The app said rain that night.


It was dark and I was ready for bed. Grumpily I went outside to dismantle the hammock. As I was rolling it into the bag where I store it I felt something hard. It was the water bottle I had been looking for all afternoon.

Gratitude begins to blossom. I would have been searching and searching for it. Now I know where I left it.

Amazing to me how my mood lifts when I choose gratitude. My body relaxed and I began to hum.

My eyes landed on something in the grass. I realized it is the white of my headset for my phone.

Oh no! My phone was on the ground too!

Now I’m beyond grateful. What was it that alerted me to check the weather and go out to put my hammock away? How is it my eyes were led to the grass in the dark in order to see the white headphones reflecting light coming from within the house?

I took a moment to receive the blessing of grace.

It began to drizzle as I finished storing the hammock. Still in awe of my blessings I went inside and plugged my phone into the charger.

Meandering back up to my bedroom I reflected on the power of paying attention to those moments where I’m being cared for, loved, protected and supported. The more I practice seeing the good the more I good I see.

I have found looking for the good, harvesting my blessings, living with a grateful heart to be ways I create a joyful life — regardless of outer circumstances.

I wonder how it would be if more of us held a positive focus, envisioning a world that is good — engaging in actions to bring more goodness into our lives, into the lives of each other?

Perhaps you might consider choosing gratitude, even in the midst of seeming adversity.

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Blessings and Joy,