I Get to Do This!
by Leslie Sann

I get to do this!.
Martha Ringer

One of my friends is teaching me this attitude by the way she greets her life. No matter what it is, smelling roses or cleaning the bathroom she reminds herself she gets to do this. She has a body and a life and this is what comes with it.

• Oh joy, oh joy, I’m having oral surgery and get to slow down and take care of me until my mouth heals.

• Rejoice, rejoice my computer is acting funky and I get to do something other than I planned today.

• Ha Ha, I’m out of shampoo and get to go to the store and take in the lush green of the pastures as I drive.

What if whatever appears is a blessing and the way to discover what the blessing is, is through the way you approach it. What if applying wonder and curiosity to what might be the hidden blessing in any situation was like water on a dry sponge. Pour water on a sponge and suddenly it is all fluffy and useful.

This to me is one of the big keys to transforming whiney victim brain into something better. Getting some altitude and lifting up into wonder will change you. Truly it will. But only if you do it.

What if you took a moment right now to scan your circumstances and see a place that’s a little rough around the edges for you. A place you trip over often and then gripe about it being there.

I get to take in all my bird feeders every night before tucking in because there is a raccoon I am in conversation with. He doesn’t realize the food is for the birds. If it is not in the feeders when he is prowling my yard at night he goes away and stops destroying my suet feeder.

I could choose to be annoyed, especially those few nights I have forgotten my new drill and he feasted on the food left out. Or I could, as I am doing, make it a game. I get to do this! He is challenging my creativity and wit and I’ve turned it into fun. TA DA! Now it is no longer a burden to feed the birds living as I do where there are raccoons and (stinky) skunks prowling though my yard at night. Instead I’m massaging my brain and stimulating my creativity. Seems like that raccoon has turned into a blessing, but only if I choose to see it that way.

Your turn. Challenge yourself to wonder, what might be the gift here for me? How might this situation, exactly as it is, be serving me? What good use can I make with what I’ve been presented?

The answer may not come in a flash, but come it will if you keep asking.

If you want, write to me and let me know what you discover. I love hearing good news.