Being Breathed

by Leslie Sann

“And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine;
A being breathing thoughtful breath
A traveler between life and death.​​​​​​​”

~ William Wordsworth

Sitting in the profound quiet that occurs after a BreathWork session. Waiting in the stillness for my client to speak what was present. She tells me she feels enormous. “I am huge and you are part of this with me.”

I wait.

I want her to have the space for her experience to deepen.

It is true. We are enormous. There really is no end to the essence of who we are. And we are the same.

The breath that breathes me, breathes you. We are being breathed together.

Imagine an ocean. At the surface of the ocean are waves. Now imagine you identify yourself as a wave. The sense of individual happens based on where we are looking. You look out over the sea at other waves and conclude they are separate from you.

Not true.

All waves are of one ocean.

We are of one breath.

There is no true separation, only what the mind imagines.

Waves come and go and the ocean remains. Waves arise out of the ocean and return again. Life moving, flowing, changing shape, yet at essence the same.

When you turn your attention from out there looking at other waves, and shift your awareness to the breath, to that which breathes you, it becomes clear we are connected and the same.

My client loved that image and allowed it to seep into her bones.

Coming out of the BreathWork session restored and renewed was like merging back into the ocean of Oneness. At the depth of the quiet within, a next action for her life was revealed. Now back at the surface she will ride the inSPiRaTion received to the shore through action.

Action through individual expression.

Renewal through the breath.


We are being breathed.

Love and Blessings,