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Your Success is My Joy

Wake Up to the Gift of YOU

Hello. I’m Leslie Sann. I may already know you. You are someone who wants to make a difference in your life and grow beyond mediocrity. You are committed to learning and, therefore, invest in yourself.

Perhaps you feel a little different, and you sometimes feel confined because of your creative spirit. You find yourself dissatisfied, hungry for something more. Maybe you yearn to live in the joy of your accomplishments rather than hanging out in the conversation of someday maybe.

Especially now, as we come face-to-face with the uncertainty of our futures, you are restless for change. Ready to reinvent and redesign.

Something is missing. 

When you are stuck, when the creative energy is not moving towards something purposeful, there is usually some dis-ease, disturbance, or problem. This can be good news because when there is difficulty, there is also opportunity. Often unrest and boredom are signs our creativity is ready to take another bite out of life.

Remember being a kid, putting on your favorite sneakers, and finding your toes jammed into the tip? Guess what … it is time for a new pair of shoes. 

It’s not a comfortable time. 

Not at all. 

Like a snake needing to shed its old skin to grow into something next, the way you’ve been living your life just doesn’t fit you anymore. The problem is you don’t know where to start.

Now what? 

You can choose to work with me. I can connect you to who you truly are:

  • your pure, joyful, creative nature
  • the source of action inside of you
  • the essence of your power.

I catalyze personalized transformation designed to bring out the best in you — and to make the best even better. 

Let’s turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

What else would you rather be doing?

My clients work with me because they know the journey is easier with assistance. They are ready for change. They are hungry to become something different, something more. And they are eager to go for their next level of growth, expansion and empowerment. 

They are ready to grow from

Good to Gooder to


What about you?

 If you are not taking action on what you truly desire, you may be undermining your well-being. Ask yourself:

What would you love to experience next?

What are you yearning to become?

I look forward to hearing from you …

What would you like to know?

Reach out. 

Tell me what you are creating, maybe where you’re stuck.

There are lots of ways to play.
1:1 mentoring, 1:1 BreathWork, live workshops, group BreathWorkonline learning, free resources, and more!

I am happy to be of service.

Your Success is My Joy

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